Recent Versions of Word

If something isn’t clear in these instructions then you can try Word’s help feature or an internet search to help you figure it out.  To get to the Help feature, choose File in the top menu.  Along the left side of the page is a list of options.  Choose Help.  Click on Microsoft Office Help.

ww change font copy

Open the piece you want to format. If you don’t already have it in Times New Roman font then select all (Ctrl-A) and select “fonts” at the top and select “Times New Roman”.

To change your font size, select all again (Ctrl-A), and click on the numbers right next to fonts choose “12” in the drop down menu.





ww double spaced 2 copy

To double space, select all again (Ctrl-A) and right click.  In the menu that pops up, click on “paragraph”.  In the box that opens, find “line spacing”, click on the drop down menu (pictured left), select “double”, click OK.






ww line numbering copy

Now to number the lines, go to the page layout tab at the top of your page.  Once there, select line numbers and choose “continuous”.

Congratulations!  You have formatted your piece to be critiqued.

Now you can print your work and be done or you can add a cool header.   Click here to view those instructions   Be warned: they are more complicated.