Detailed Formatting

This is the page for the adventurous formatters.  Here are instructions for adding a header.

ww finished header

This is what the end result should look like. Click on the image to view it closer.

To add a header, choose the tab labeled “Insert” at the top left of your screen.  Now select “header” and choose the blank option. A header will appear on top of the page.  Make sure it is set to different first page. That is a box you need to check.  It is right below the green area at top. (See below)

Finished header

At the top of the page, write the name of your piece.  Then on the same line, add a place for the person critiquing to write their name. (if you are confused, there is a picture below of what it should look like) To add a line for them to write on, press shift on your keyboard and simultaneously press the dash button (next to the zero). Now go down to the next line and write your name.  On that line put a place for their email, and give that a line as well.  (See below, it will help) Click in front of the name and email lines and press the tab key until the name and email lines are against the right edge of the document.  It should look like this:

ww finished header

To format your title, highlight it.  Ctrl-B will put it in bold, Ctrl-I will put it in italics, and Ctrl-U will underline it. (Please don’t use all three!) Double click outside the header to close it.  If you need to get back into the header after closing it, then double click inside the header.

Double Congratulations!  You have a header!