Windows 07 and Earlier

These are the instructions for older versions of Microsoft Word.  If you are still having trouble then there is a Help option at the top menu or you could try an internet search.

  • Highlight all (Ctrl-A) then select “Times New Roman” from the drop down menu in the top options bar.  Next to it is the font size option.  Choose “12” from the drop down menu.
  • To double space, select all again (Ctrl-A) right click, and choose “paragraph” from the menu that appears.  A box will appear. Near the bottom of this box, select “Line Spacing”, and choose “Double” from the drop menu.
  • To add line numbers, choose “File” from the top menu.

Click on “Page Setup”.

Choose the tab labeled “Layout”.

In the bottom left corner is a button labeled “Line Numbers”…, click it.

Check the box labeled “Add Line Numbering”.

At the bottom is a section labeled “Numbering”, choose “continuous”.  Click OK, and then OK again.


You have finished the required formatting.  You can leave now or you can continue and add a cool header that gives people a place to write their name and email address and gives you a place to put your name and the name of the piece you are submitting.  Be warned: adding a header is more complicated than the above instructions.

  • To add a header, click on “View” in the top menu.  Choose “Header” and “Footer”.  A box will appear at the top of the page.  Type your name and then press the tab key.  Type “Name” and add a line afterwards (Shift-dash)  Hit the enter key, then type the name of your work.  Press tab, then type “Email” and add a line after that as well.  Both lines should be against the right side of the document. Use the arrow keys to move around if you need to make changes.  To format your title, highlight it, then you can either underline (Ctrl-U), or put it in bold (Ctrl-B), or put it in italics (Ctrl-I).  Please don’t do all three.  It should look like this:

Your name                                      Name___________________________

Name of Piece                                Email____________________________                                                                                               

Now you need to go back to Page Setup.  Choose “File”, then choose “Page Setup”.  Under the layout tab, there is a section labeled “Headers and Footers”.  In this section, check the box labeled “Different First Page”, click OK.  Now you are done.  Click outside the header to close it.  If you need to get back into the header, double click in it.

Double Congratulations!  You have formatted your work.  The whole thing should look like this.