What does it cost to join Word Weavers?

It costs $45 a year for adults and $35 for teens. You are welcome to attend two meetings, with no obligation at all, in order to find out if this group is right for you. Then, you can join and enjoy full membership benefits.

  • Have your work critiqued
  • Borrow books from our writer’s library
  • Be eligible to receive scholarships for The Florida Christian Writers Conference
  • Join in the writing-question-of-the-week discussions
  • Be entered into the Accountability Partners Program
  • Participate in Contests
  • Receive the monthly national newsletter—The Loom

If I’m not a Christian can I join Word Weavers?

Absolutely. Word Weavers was originally established by five Christian writers in Florida who wanted to write for the Christian market. As the organization grew and expanded, they kept faith as a core part of the Word Weavers identity. You’ll feel our faith roots if you visit us. We pray for each other. We have a small devotional moment during our meetings. And in our critique times, we do not permit erotica or pieces with gratuitous vulgar language. But anyone who wants to take their writing to the next level is welcome to attend—Christians who want to write for the general secular market, or non-Christians who just want a place of community, where they’ll be encouraged to set and attain writing goals.

May my work be critiqued if I’m not a member?

No, you must be a member for your writing to be critiqued.

How do I format my work so it may be critiqued?

Our formatting instructions are here.

Where and when does Word Weavers Berkshires meet?

We meet on the third Saturday of every month at the Sherman Congregational Church at 6 Church Road, Sherman, CT.  Our meeting runs from nine to noon.


How old do I have to be to join Word Weavers?

Word Weavers members are typically adults over 18. However, members 16-17 years of age may attend with written parental permission.  Children 14-15 can attend if a parent attends along with them, with the understanding that material being critiqued can sometimes involve adult themes (like human trafficking or abuse) and might be inappropriate for a younger audience.